Monday, September 21, 2015

Promoting Healthy Immune and Respiratory Functioning

The following ideas all apply to certified, high quality essential oils ONLY.  I only trust and have extensive experience with one company whose name I can no longer post on blogs (FDA rules), so just email me at hvnly atsymbol montana period com for that info. *

To Cleanse the Air and Exposed Surfaces:
Diffuse a Protective Blend off essential oils, and/or place several drops in a glass spray bottle of water, shake often, and spray both the air and surfaces.

To Keep Hands Clean:
Either use a Protective Blend Hand Wash in foaming soap pump dispensers at every sink, or make your own!
Protective Hand Wash Recipe:
8oz foaming hand pump bottle
3 Tbsp Liquid Castille Soap, unscented
3-4 drops Protective Blend Essential Oils

Place the soap in the bottle, and fill to within 1.5" of the top of the bottle with water (so the level is just below where the foaming hand pump mechanism will sit).  Add in the essential oil blend.  Put the lid on and gently shake.  Done!  :-)

To Maintain Clear Airways and Breathing:
Diffuse a Respiratory Blend of essential oils.  Or an alternative would be Lime mixed with Eucalyptus in a 2:1 ratio.
And for an even more aggressive approach, try this steaming essential oils recipe:
Line up:
Kleenexes  ;-)
Lemon essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Peppermint essential oil
Oregano essential oil

Put an inch or so of water in the bottom of a saucepan and bring to a simmer.  Quickly add in 2 drops each of Lemon and Eucalyptus, and 1 drop each of Peppermint and Oregano.  CLOSE YOUR EYES and lean over the pan right away and breathe in and out of your mouth and nose, alternating.  The essential oils will volatilize within moments… so breathe in the steam at your preferred distance for as long as you wish.

To Sooth the Throat:
Respiratory Throat Drops**… will help maintain clear airways as well.
Protective Throat Drops**… feature the immune supporting Protective Blend, while also soothing dry, scratchy throats
** you can find these premade for you, or you can google honey drops and make your own… adding in essential oils at the end of a recipe.
Raw Honey!… just a dab sucked off a spoon at a time, or placed in some hot tea to drink
Warm salt water gargle

To Relieve Internal Overheating:
Try a drop of Peppermint essential oil on a cold water compress, or in a foot bath.

Extra Immune Boosting helps for viral attacks:  Elderberry extract, vitamin C, chicken noodle soup  ;-)

To Promote a Healthy Immune System Response (these are NOT for everyday use; only as needed and for up to 2-3 days past the need is recommended):

Ingest or pop and apply to the bottoms of the feet topically (and on the sides of the throat if issues there) a Protective Blend "plus" caplet.  (I RECOMMEND HAVING THESE CAPLETS ON HAND AT ALL TIMES.  Seriously.  They travel well, store well, and are super fast to use in a pinch).

And/or make your own rollerball recipe:
10 ml rollerball
20 drops Lemon essential oil
10 drops Oregano essential oil
15 drops Protective blend essential oils
15 drops Tea Tree essential oil
10 drops Frankincense essential oil (optional)
Fill the rollerball with one INCH of FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil; approximately 1 tsp)

(for even more power, add in one drop of Melissa and one drop of Black Pepper to the roller)

Fill the rollerball all the way with FCO is more dilution is desired.

Gently shake and apply a swipe to each side of the neck, and to the bottoms of each foot… once every 2-4 hours in an acute situation until improvement is seen.  And then 2-3 times per day, continuing for another 2 days post need.
When a defensive response is needed for others in the family, 2-3 times per day is usually effective.

  1. *All statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Diffuser Earrings! For use with essential oils and blends

These fun Diffuser Earrings each contain a porous bead at the bottom that one can rub their fave essential oil or blend on, and it will gently diffuse, as you wear them, for about 2 hours, in my experience.  Since the oil is not touching the skin, this is aromatic diffusion.

The earrings were made by me, so if you have a special request… please ask!  All earring wire is rated nickel-free.  More are coming… please check back often  :-).

NEW wholesale members of mine…. pick out a free pair of earrings when you enroll as a wholesale member in the awesome essential oil company I can no longer publicly name on a blog!  :-D  Just email me directly at hvnly at Montana period com.   Membership costs just $35, or that fee is WAIVED with the purchase of a discounted enrollment kit of your choice, and includes 25% to 55% off of all future essential oils, blends and products, as well as access to loads of free classes, trainings, FB groups, newsletters, a quarterly magazine, me, etc.

CURRENT wholesale members of mine… pick out a free pair of earrings when you renew your wholesale membership as a THANK YOU from me  :-).  [renewal with the largest, and highest and consistent quality essential oil company in the world costs $25 per year, with just one order of any size needed, but they will also send a free 15ml Peppermint essential oil with your order.]

$12/pair or 2 pairs for $20.  Plus shipping if you are not local to Bozeman, MT.  I will be in both southern CA and central IL in October, so perhaps I can meet up with you there also.



D (both green stones flat)


F - have 2 pairs






L 1 -2 on top, 3-5 in 2nd row

M 1 and 3 (the middle one is gone)

N 1 and 2




Copyright on pictures, text and all earring designs 2014, 2015.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Intentionality.  That word is coming up a lot for me lately, and I have decided it will be my "word" for 2015.  ;-)  I wrote this post for ME, but I think I'll go ahead and share it, if it might help anyone else also.

So what does Intentionality mean??

The word intentional means "done in a way that is planned or intended".

The way I use "intentionality" >> being purposeful about something in my life; intending something to happen that I plan and set goals towards.  And I follow through by putting weight and value on those goals, but trying my best to keep my focus on how awesome it's going to feel to make that goal!  :-)  I start strong; I keep recommitting to my goal(s) daily/hourly/minute-by-minute as needed to get through the super hard middle; I celebrate smaller goal steps along the way.

I have a weight gain that needs some very serious intentionality ASAP for the first time in my life.  Losing weight by denying oneself comfort foods, and fitting in regular exercise into my already crazy busy schedule is HARD.  Add to that… no diet of any kind has ever lasted me more than 6 weeks in the past.  Why??  My leadership trainings with doTerra have finally given me insight into this one big struggle in my life (among others).

In the past, I always intended/hoped/anticipated losing weight, getting aerobic exercise on a regular basis, and developing some muscles, and thus feel better all around.  :-)  Who wouldn't want to look and feel healthier?  But it was a plan doomed to failure.  Why??  Because I was never previously INTENTIONAL, all along the way, about my weight loss/exercise goals.  I can buy all the veggies and salads I want… but if I still rationalize those little treats of dessert, chips, and other high calorie foods along the way… just WHOSE FAULT IS IT when I fail to lose the weight and make my stated goal?  Why do I/we go around blaming other people, special occasions, vacations, treats at work, samples and end displays at the stores, eating out??  Was I truly being intentional and 100% committed to my goal?  Awww… we're all human, right?  Yes we are.  And yes we'll epically fail now and again.  But a stated goal is DOOMED TO FAILURE if we never, ever accept that we need to plan ahead, schedule in, and WORK on our intentions.  We need to have some serious Intentionality for our goal to succeed.

So how does that look in practice?  We have 2 kiddos still living at home.  One had a birthday 2 weeks ago, and begged for my special chocolate chip recipe.  You're kidding me.  I can easily eat a dozen of those at a time… and before they are even baked!!  I made sure to wait until late at night (full stomach), and I made them quickly, cooled them, and boxed up the cookies that needed to go to school.  I immediately made lunch-box-sized packs out of the rest, and put them in the back of the freezer.  It was HARD, but I only snitched the equivalent of 1.5 cookies  :-).  THEN our guy requested a chocolate cheesecake for a birthday cake!!  My fave dessert??!!  I searched 3 stores for a small one.  None… large or small.  So I baked one.  Sigh… only 1/3 vanished at the birthday party.  4 days later, it was getting super hard to not want to grab a big piece out of that freezer!  So hubby suggested I toss it in the garbage.  WHAT??  We can DO that??  What about the old "I need to eat this all up to get rid of it" rule?  Oh… that wasn't a rule… just an excuse.

Although in general, one should not purchase food and let it go to waste… I give you (and myself) permission to throw or give away whatever is tempting you too hard inside of your home.  Our children WILL survive having no homemade cookies/desserts in the home during this season, contrary to what they say.  ;-D

And we can apply Intentionality to all areas of our lives.  Do you want to get rid of those paper piles?  Schedule times on the calendar to address them, and follow through as if it's a paid job.  Give yourself a deadline, if you are a procrastinator like me.  Any old magazines you have not read by [pick a date] >> go to the recycler or library share bin.  You can do this!

Do you want to save $100/month?  Set up the savings account, and see if your workplace will deposit $100 into it, before the rest goes to you.  No?  Make that firm commitment to yourself.  Deposit your paycheck and then immediately turn around and transfer that $100 into savings.  And then be intentional about not touching it for the rest of the month.

Do you want to spend time with God daily?  Schedule it in deliberately.  Set the alarm if you need to.

Find an accountability partner or Facebook group to help you through hard goals.  An intention shared publicly shows intentionality  ;-D.

If you are visual… post pictures and words and phrases everywhere, that will best help you.  Move them around at least once a week… so they don't become background noise.  If you are auditory… record some inspiring messages for yourself.  Get accountability partners that can call you, and you them.  If your love language is gifts… schedule yourself a small treat for each minor goal achieved.  It does not have to involve spending $, if you get creative.

Find encouraging people to… just encourage you!  There is WAY too much negativity in the world today, and we probably already hear way too much negative self-talk, right?  In fact, have some Intentionality in 2015 about encouraging those around you this year  :-).  And if they react in a negative way… gift them with a big smile.  They obviously are in need!

Cyberhugs.  Have a blessed 2015  :-).