Saturday, September 19, 2015

Diffuser Earrings! For use with essential oils and blends

These fun Diffuser Earrings each contain a porous bead at the bottom that one can rub their fave essential oil or blend on, and it will gently diffuse, as you wear them, for about 2 hours, in my experience.  Since the oil is not touching the skin, this is aromatic diffusion.

The earrings were made by me, so if you have a special request… please ask!  All earring wire is rated nickel-free.  More are coming… please check back often  :-).

NEW wholesale members of mine…. pick out a free pair of earrings when you enroll as a wholesale member in the awesome essential oil company I can no longer publicly name on a blog!  :-D  Just email me directly at hvnly at Montana period com.   Membership costs just $35, or that fee is WAIVED with the purchase of a discounted enrollment kit of your choice, and includes 25% to 55% off of all future essential oils, blends and products, as well as access to loads of free classes, trainings, FB groups, newsletters, a quarterly magazine, me, etc.

CURRENT wholesale members of mine… pick out a free pair of earrings when you renew your wholesale membership as a THANK YOU from me  :-).  [renewal with the largest, and highest and consistent quality essential oil company in the world costs $25 per year, with just one order of any size needed, but they will also send a free 15ml Peppermint essential oil with your order.]

$12/pair or 2 pairs for $20.  Plus shipping if you are not local to Bozeman, MT.  I will be in both southern CA and central IL in October, so perhaps I can meet up with you there also.



D (both green stones flat)


F - have 2 pairs






L 1 -2 on top, 3-5 in 2nd row

M 1 and 3 (the middle one is gone)

N 1 and 2




Copyright on pictures, text and all earring designs 2014, 2015.

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